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  1. Minutes of the review meeting with Commissioners by the Chief Commissioner held on 17.05.2019 at Guwahati -reg.
  2. Order C.No.II(38)1/ET/CCO/SH/2011/5683-93 Dated shillong the 20th May 2019: Implementation of Recommendation of the 7th CPC on Dress Allowance-corres.-reg.
  3. Order C.No.III(2)I/ET/CCO/SH/2019/5670-82 Dated Shillong 20th May 2019
  4. Convening a meeting to resolve the issue of seniority for promotion of Inspector to the grade of Superintendent-reg, Dated  Shillong the 07th May, 2019

  5. Order C.No. II(12)3/PER/CCO/SH/2017, Dated Shillong the 5th April, 2019

  6. Circular Dated 28th March, 2019: Declaration of 30th and 31st March, 2019 as working day- reg

  7. Postponement of the Meeting of the Chief Commissioner with the Inspectors Association office bearers and of the stake holders on 26th March, 2019- reg.

  8. Online writing of APARs in SPARROW for IRS(C&CE) Officers for year 2018-19-corres-reg

  9. Request to send Service Book & Personal File in respect of MTS- reg.

  10. Granting of NOC in respect of Shri Hitesh Kumar, Inspector, CGST & CX, Dibrugarh to work with Single Window Porject Team, CBIC on loan basis

  11. Order No. 01/PER/2019 C.No II(11)/3/PER/CCO/SH/2012: Confirmation in the grade of Inspectors, Group "B"(Non Gazetted) of Central Goods and Services tax & Customs, Guwahati Zone, Shillong - Order reg.

  12. Circular C.No. II(39)04/ET/CCO/SH/2019 dated 20.02.2019 : Shifting of Chief Commissioner's Office from Shillong to Guwahati - reg.

  13. Circular C.No. II(3)12/ET/CCO/SH/CC/2012/1610-60 dated 14.02.2019 Correspondence Address regarding Chief Commissioner Office.

  14. Miscellaneous Order dated 11 February 2019: Withdrawal of fund under Object Heads and allotment of additional funds- reg.

  15. Order Dated Shillong the 5th February: Withdrawal of fund under Object Head "DTE"& allotment of fund under DTE head to Dibrugarh CGST Commissionerate - reg.

  16. Relieve Order i.r.o. Officer Trainees of 69th batch IRS(C&CE) Officers - reg

  17. Officer Order Dated, Shillong the 5th of February, 2019: Relieving orders of OTs of IRS(C&CE) 69th Batch

  18. Circular C.No. II(28)2/ET/CCO/SH/2018/3881-3963 Dated 04.12.2018 : Scheme for grant of Cash Awards to meritorious children of Departmental Officers/staff for their performance in the 10th and 12th Standard Board Examinations held in March/April, 2016, 2017 &2018- reg.

  19. Circular Dated Shillong, the 28th November, 2018: Calling for options/representations from all cadres  up to Group'B'(Gazetted) for ICT-AGT, 2018-19  -reg.

  20. Order C.No. II (3) 21/ ET/CCO/SH/2018, Dated Shillong, the 16th November, 2018: Committee for issuance of New Guidelines for Transfer/Postings in the grade of Group "B" & "C" officers of Shillong Zone Order-reg.

  21. Order C.No.II(12)3/PER/CCO/SH/2017, Dated Shillong, the 10th July 2018: Departmental Examination of Inspectors for Confirmation held w.e.f. 13.03.2018 to 16.03.2018-publication of results-reg.   

  22. ORDER Dated Shillong, the 3rd July 2018: Departmental Examination for confirmation of direct recruit Tax Assistants held w.e.f. 05.03.2018 to 07.03.2018- Publication of Results-reg.  

  23. STANDING ORDER No. 01/2018, Dated Shillong, the 2nd July 2018: Inter Commissionerate Transfer in respect of Inspectors.   

  24. SPEAKING ORDER, Dated Shillong the 29th June, 2018: Arising out of OA No.043/00128/2017 filed by Shri Ram Krishna Bhattacharjee Vs UOI & Ors.  

  25. Circular dated Shillong, the 4th June, 2018: Preparation of panel for selection of Superintendent for posting on deputation basis at C.S.I. Airport, Mumbai-reg.   

  26. Order C.No. III(2)2/ET/CCO/SH/2018 dated Shillong, the 28th May, 2018 - BUDGET CELL in CCO, Shillong.  

  27. Departmental Examination for promotion of Ministerial Officers to the grade of Inspector held in the month of February, 2018 - Publication of results-reg.   

  28. Departmental Examination for promotion of Ministerial Officers to the grade of Executive Assistant held in the month of February, 2018 - Publication of results-reg.   

  29. Minutes of the Board Meeting held on 20.03.2018 in r/o BMB No. 02/2018 - corres - reg.   

  30. Office Order, dated Shillong the 17th April 2018; Sanction of EL of Sh. Manoj Kumar Rajak, Commissioner, GST & CX, Itanagar.    

  31. Circular dated Shillong, the 4th April 2018 - Preparation of panel for Air Customs Officer (ACO) for posting at Chennai Anna International Airport against 25% quota - reg.  

  32. Circular No.02/2018 dated Shillong the 26th March 2018.  

  33. Circular No.01/2018 dated Shillong the 15th March 2018 - Early Settlement of dispute by availing the window of the Settlement Commission.   

  34. Circular dated 21st March 2018 - Furnishing of checklist for initiation of APAR for the period 2017-18  

  35. Order No.01/PER/2018 dated 23rd February, 2018 - Confirmation in the grade of Tax Assistant of Goods and Service Tax & Customs, Shillong - Order reg.  

  36. Order dated Shillong the 20th Februaury, 2018  

  37. Speaking Order, dated Shillong, the 5th February, 2018  



  1. Order No. 115/2015 dated 18.11.2016 - Nomination of Liaison Officer for SCs & STs under Shillong Zone.

  2. Order No. 107/2016 dated 17.10.2016 - Nomination of Linked Officers at the level of Additional/Joint Commissioner under Shillong Zone.

  3. Office memorandum regarding  Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance  System in  respect of Customs (prev) Commissionerate

  4. Circular regarding  APAR for the period from 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017 in respect of Group 'B' & 'C' Officers and Staff

  5. Calling for options/willingness for of SIO/IO in DGCEI, Guwahati Regional Unit on Loan basis 

  6. Order of the Chief Commissioner regarding non-entitlement of benefits of Grade Pay of Rs. 6,600/- in PB-3 in reference to OA No. 040/000034/2016 filed by Shri Bhagirath Baruah, Superintendent & Ors vs UOI & Ors.  

  7. Order of the Chief Commissioner regarding non-entitlement of benefits of NFG on completion of 4 years of service in reference to OA No. 040/00130/2016 filed by Shri Mahendra Dutta & Ors vs UOI & Ors.

  8. Shifting of Review Cell, CCO, Shillong from Guwahati

  9. Pension Adalat-2016 postponed

2015 & EARLIER

  1. Verification of Qualifying Service after 18 years and 5 years before retirement 

  2. Submission of details by Group A Officers for implementation of online filing of APAR

  3. Re-allocation of Cadre Strength of Superintendent and Inspector among different Directorates under Shillong Zone-- Estt. Order No. 183/2015 dated 26.10.2015

  4. Order No. 1/2015 dated 1.10.2015 - Nomination of Nodal Officers for review DPC for ad-hoc promotion from Gr.'B' to Gr 'A'.

  5. Order No. 176/2015 dated 30.09.2015 - Nomination of Liaison Officer for OBCs  under Shillong Zone.

  6. Order No. 90/2013 dated 01.08.2013 - Nomination of Linked Officers at the level of Commissioner under Shillong Zone.

  7. Clarification on 6th CPC replacement pay to the pre-revised scale of pay Rs.8000-275-13500 granted on account of financial up-gradation under the Assured Career Progression Scheme - Estt. Order No. 140/2012 dated 24-09-2012

  8. Corrections in All India Lists of Superintendents of Central Excise for the period from 01-01-1986 to 31-12-1992 and 01-01-1993 to 31-12-1997

  9. ORDER C.No.II(24)2/PAC/CCO/SH/2010 Dated, 27-06-2011 regarding rectification of the date of appointment
    in Govt. Service in respect of Shri Pankaj Das, Superintendent.

  10. Corrections in all India Seniority Lists of Superintendents of Central Excise for the period 01-01-1986 to 31-12-1992 & 01- 01-1993 to 31-12-1997   - Due date for submission to Board : 30-04-2011.

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