The Guwahati Audit Commissionerate came into existence on 15-10-2014. It is  under  jurisdictional  control of the Chief  Commissioner, Shillong Zone. It has jurisdiction over four Commissionerates namely Guwahati Central Excise & Service Tax, Shillong Central Excise & Service Tax,  Dibrugarh  Central  Excise  &  Service  Tax  and  Shillong Customs, covering t he  entire North  Eastern  Region. The Commissionerate  is entrusted with the function of conducting  periodic audit  of  Central Excise  and  Service Tax    assesses  in  the  region.  The  Commissionerate headquarters is currently located at 4th Floor of Custom House, Christian Basti, Guwahati.

            The Commissioner is the Head of the Department supported  by  the Additional/ Joint Commissioners in  supervising  the functioning of Headquarters’ Sections and Circles.

             The Audit Commissionerate comprises of Headquarters and Seven Circles.  In the Headquarters,  presently located at  Custom House, Christian Basti, Guwahati, there are four Sections at the Headquarters each headed by a Deputy/Assistant Commissioner. The Sections are as –

           (A) Planning & Coordination,

           (B) Administration,

           (C) Technical, and

            (D) Risk Management & Quality Assurance.

            A Circle is headed by a Deputy/Assistant  Commissioner and comprises  of upto four Audit  Groups, each  having Superintendents and Inspectors. The seven Circles are –

            (1) Guwahati Circle-I,

            (2)  Guwahati Circle-II,

            (3) Guwahati Circle-III,

            (4) Shillong Circle,

            (5) Dibrugarh Circle-I,

            (6) Dibrugarh Circle-II, and

            (7) Agartala Circle.   

           Guwahati Circle-I, II & III are housed at 3rd Floor of Sethi Trust Building, Bhangagarh, Guwahati.

           Shillong Circle is housed at 3rd Floor of Rap’s Mansion, M.G. Road, Shillong.

           Dibrugarh Circle-I & II are located at Lila Gogoi Path, Milan Nagar, Dibrugharh.

            Agartala Circle is housed at Kiran Medical Hall, Old RMS Choumohani, Agartala.


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